About us

Brandenberger+Ruosch AG was founded from the idea and desire to further develop project management for the industry and mould it into an indispensable discipline for owners, developers and investors in the building sector. Since 1965, the company has grown and has been setting standards in this field to this day. In our core areas, we are the largest and most successful Swiss enterprise.
We focus our services, which range from building project consulting to real estate consulting through to management consulting, on developers, investors, real estate owners and operators. As a result, we are held in high esteem by clients from the private and state sector alike.
Our core competency is to take the lead in project development, project management, in matters relating to real estate, and in the field of management and organisation, including process management; to act as a staff position and to offer consultancy or training services. Our strong point is efficient and practice-oriented implementation.
We are used to learning the ropes of projects quickly and expertly, thinking in-depth and managing said projects strictly in accordance with our clients’ specifications. We manage projects in a committed manner from start to finish, and in doing so set very high standards for the results of our work. Since founding the company, it has been our aim to serve our clients very professionally and efficiently in every regard.
Dr Markus Kellenberger and Lorenz Held