About us

About us

Tradition and progress

Careful, balanced handling of tradition and progress has enabled our team to offer services of the very highest quality over all these years. Upholding the tradition is based on an ongoing commitment to critically question fundamental values time and again, and to streamline them. Progress thrives on the relentless endeavour to recognise that innovation is crucial to move forward. With time, the extraordinary becomes tradition. The same applies in our company to the methods we use, the working material and also to our culture.

Focus and principles

The continuing trend to enhance professionalism in the handling of real estate and facilities places high demands on developers, investors, owners, operators and users. For this reason, our consultancy work is aligned to the entire construction life-cycle. A common feature in all these areas is our systematic approach in accordance with the principles of project management.

We perform our services with the utmost professionalism and integrity. Our mode of operation is objective, factual and efficient, and consistently focuses on the client’s needs. We consciously made the decision not to do planning or engineering work. This clear demarcation enables us to deal with other project participants in a completely neutral manner. This enables us to guarantee our clients a maximum of independence.

We are committed to providing above-average quality and benefits for our clients through our services. Therefore, we only employ the most highly qualified staff for consulting and work according to the principles of our management system, which has been certified in accordance with standard ISO 9001 since 1994.

The individual is at the centre of everything we do, be it as a client or as a member of staff. Loyal, honest cooperation on the basis of trust forms the foundation for mutual success. In this area, social responsibility towards the staff has been demonstrated to be of great value. Our company philosophy is aimed at long-term success rather than at short-term aspects. To this end, we avoid unnecessary risks. This applies equally to aspects relating to clients, employees, shareholders and the company.

Share capital
CHF 300,000.00

Annual turnover
CHF 7,000,000.00

Founding of the company by Mr Jürg Brandenberger and Mr Ernst Ruosch

Founding of the limited company Brandenberger+Ruosch AG

Takeover of the majority of shares by Zschokke Holding SA

Wholly-owned subsidiary of Zschokke Holding SA

Takeover of the entire complement of shares by the two long-standing board members, Dr Markus Kellenberger and Lorenz Held

50th anniversary

Acquisition of all shares by the two staff members Matthias Hugi and Simon Nägeli

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