Real estate consulting

We focus our services on managing real estate portfolios with strategy development, portfolio design and the related organisational development. With facility management, we enable our clients to put their areas to optimum use in economic terms and to fulfill the requirements of the user effectively. Facility management during construction lays the foundations as early as in the project phase for the optimum operation of a piece of real estate at a later date.

With our many years of experience in all facets of real estate and infrastructure facilities, we possess broad expertise not only in the fields of portfolio and facility management but also in the development of organisations and enterprises. Therefore, we are able to provide lasting assistance to our clients, enabling them to manage their real estate themselves after we have carried out our assignment.

Our services range from the initial conception to the actual implementation of operational and strategic projects. If required, we will work on an interdisciplinary basis with the best specialists available for a particular assignment. In this way, we always offer our clients the advantage of a single expert contact partner for all matters related to real estate, however complex these may be.