Real estate consulting

Overview of services

Portfolio management

  • Development of real estate strategies
  • Setting up portfolio management systems
  • Analysis, planning, operation, control, optimisation of portfolios

Client benefits 

  • Usage and income optimisation
  • Transparency 
  • Investment and divestment planning

    Project development

    • Reviewing the basic principles
    • Consolidation of requirements for capital, location and idea
    • Determining the needs and objective
    • Finding a solution using the draft specifications and alternative studies
    • Evidence of feasibility for the market, location, use, risks, analyses of profitability and return
    • Test planning, project guidelines

    Client benefits

    • Informative basic principles for the investment decision
    • Clearly defined requirements
    • Clearly understandable risk allocation on the basis of cost-benefit considerations
    • Consolidated project guidelines for the subsequent order (project planning, execution)

    Facility management

    • Drawing up property strategies
    • Analysing and defining user and owner requirements
    • Life cycle considerations
    • Managing operational planning
    • FM during construction
    • Handling organisational interfaces during large construction projects

    Client benefits 

    • Holistic approach
    • Resource optimisation
    • Expense reduction
    • Optimum usage and operating conditions – also during renovation and refurbishment projects

      Property inspection

      • Carrying out due diligence
      • Second Opinions
      • Upkeep and risk analysis
      • Action planning

        Client benefits 

        • Optimum facility knowledge
        • Current state and target state of property
        • Recognition of improvement potential 

        Procurement management of
        award procedures
        Public procurement

        • Setting up procurement guidelines
        • Tender concepts
        • Carrying out tenders

        Client benefits 

        • Professional procurement from conception through to conclusion of contract
        • Efficiency and procedural safety
        • Independent evaluation

        Training, coaching

        • Practical, company-specific training in our areas of work

        Client benefits  

        • Training with knowledge transfer and practical exchange of experience