Building project consulting

Building project consulting

We are the largest and oldest independent Swiss company in this discipline. Our services extend across all types and phases of construction from project development to planning and realisation, through to use.

In the field of superstructure and industrial buildings, we deal with public administration buildings, private office buildings, residential buildings, school estates, museums, buildings used for health services, technical centres, production plants and many more.

Our assignments in the field of civil engineering/infrastructure include in particular projects for road and railway construction and supply and waste disposal plants, as well as energy production. Examples are railway stations, tunnels, airport buildings, waste incinerator and waste water purification units, hydroelectric and nuclear power plants, flood protection projects, etc.

We manage such undertakings throughout all the phases of the project from project development and planning to the final completion. In superstructure building projects, this includes relocation and start-up operation management. Naturally, we are also available for assignments on a temporary basis.

The development of relevant managerial instruments, specific project inspections (project audits) and statements of due diligence, as well as the management of procurement or the coordination of public procurement (according to the Swiss laws on public procurement BoeB/VoeB) round off our profile.

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