Building project consulting

Building project consulting

Overview of services

Project management owner

  • Takeover of the developers function in all project phases from project development to planning, realisation to the use phase
  • Comprehensive project management
  • Managing the necessary project management instruments

Client benefits

  • Project security
  • Coordinated project requirements
  • Access to professional know-how
  • Procurement of free internal capacity

Project management staff unit of the owner

  • Comprehensive project controlling
  • Deadline planning/controlling
  • Cost planning/controlling
  • Troubleshooting
  • Project-related quality management (PQM)
  • Multiple project management

Client benefits

  • Support in all aspects of project management
  • Early recognition of deviations from the objective
  • Suggestions of necessary measures

Project management user/operator

  • Comprehensive management, coordination and representation of user and operator interests

Client benefits

  • Coordinating and enabling user and operator-related project requirements

Project inspection

  • Project audits
  • Due diligence

Client benefits

  • Project security
  • Knowledge of weak points and corrective measures

Procurement management
award procedures
Public procurement

  • Setting up procurement guidelines
  • Tender concepts
  • Carrying out tenders

Client benefits

  • Professional procurement from conception through to conclusion of contract
  • Efficiency and procedural safety
  • Independent evaluation

Training, coaching

  • Practical, company-specific training in our areas of work

Client benefits

  • Training with knowledge transfer and practical exchange of experience
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